Private Label Services

Don't Settle For Generic White Label Blends When You Can Have Your Own CUSTOM Private Label Blend For Less! 
Are you a CBD company in search of your own Private Label Custom Blend? Don't settle for the same generic white label products produced for the masses when The CBD Crafters at The Carboxyl Group can formulate a proprietary blend unique to your company!
Here's the dirty little industry secret that insiders know all too well: 
When you walk into a CBD store, a great many of the different brands contain the exact same oil - the only differences are often the label and price. That's right, the same contents could be selling for vastly different prices, and the customer is unaware. That's what white labeling companies do - they sell the same oil to many companies - companies like yours.
Branding is important, but what's inside is the most critical factor for retaining customers. A more expensive price won't fool someone into thinking the oil is superior when it is the same "blah" blend they tried last month from a different company. As you know, the results from effective CBD are very real. The customer understands that, too. 
So, The CBD Crafters start with their full spectrum and broad spectrum distillates, then we listen to you, your needs and concerns, and we formulate accordingly. This includes carrier oil choices, nano-coatings, natural flavorings, and of course, custom terpene profiles, which are critical to any oil. 
The entourage effect, also called a blend's synergistic quality, absolutely depends upon the oil's terpene profile. Each cultivar of hemp - and even the different phenotypes within that cultivar - have unique terpene profiles. If the formulator who blends your product doesn't understand these profile differences and compensate for them, your product's effectiveness is unreliable, at best! One batch could be more effective than the last, or less effective. You won't know that until your customer finds out, unfortunately, and by then, the damage is done. 
We, at The CBD Crafters, understand terpene importance. We know that some terpenes are better than others for pain, the immune system, inflammation and stress. That means not all hemp is good enough as just "Full Spectrum." Do you even know the cultivar type of the hemp your oil is made from? Do you understand its terpene profile strengths and weaknesses? Does it need a boost of one or more natural terpenes to take it to that next level of effectiveness? If it does, that's fine and there is nothing wrong with that. That's a natural issue in the hemp world, and almost always an ignored one. 
So, is full spectrum better than broad spectrum? No, not always. If the full spectrum is what came from the plant, but it is insufficient, the oil is insufficient. If the broad spectrum was formulated by a skilled craftsman and hemp chemist, it will always be a superior product in effectiveness. But there is no reason either full or broad spectrum should not be equally effective, time after time. 
That's what we do. We make consistently excellent CBD products, bottle after bottle, and we'd love to take your brand to the next level of effectiveness with your own proprietary Private Label blend. 
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Happy hemping!  
The CBD Crafters