About Us


Established in Indiana on January 2nd, 2019, The Carboxyl Group set out on a mission to bring the world a high-end CBD oil at an affordable price. Our product would be made with only the finest and purest of ingredients while staying obtainable to the average consumer. In a world of mediocre oils selling at a outlandish prices, we knew that if we could achieve our goals, we would be among the very few who have done this.

We did just that. 

Company owners, Keith Johnson and Roger Moore, have a genuine passion for what they do. For them, producing CBD products of this quality goes beyond conducting good business - it is all about craftsmanship. Craftsmanship has a way of becoming an art form for those who endeavor to master their craft, and what Keith and Roger have done has risen to that level. 

Roger is a lifelong Midwest farmer and espouses all the down to earth eithical traits you imagine when you think of such a person. He knows plants; it's what he does, and his relationship with them transcends the ordinary. Hemp is but one three plants he is emphatic about. Roger's expertise in agriculture ensures your CBD product will always have excellent roots (pardon the pun). Roger also runs the business end of things, which is no easy task! And even with all on his work schedule, he is a visionary, and our best-selling products were his ideas.  

Keith's expertise is in the chemistry and biology side of things. His comfort zone is in developing new products and continually improving on their existing line. He's more than happy to talk all day about the molecular properties of CBD, the special properties of hemp terpenes and how human anatomy makes the best of these things. Keith is also a bit far out, somewhat of an old hippie, and you will almost always hear jam bands playing loudly in the lab as he does his thing. As he puts it, "In the lab, I'm in my groove."

Together, these two best friends make a formidable team and are the heartbeat of the company. Their dedication to the craft - and to helping the world feel better one golden drop at a time - is why The Carboxyl Group will be bringing you only the highest quality of products for a very long time to come.