Calm Body: 700 mg CBN, 400 mg CBD

Carboxyl Group, LLC

Do "unsettled extremities" keep you up at night, preventing you from getting the rest you deserve and need? This is the blend for you! 

Dialed in over a period of five months of testing, this product is very effective at what it does! So, what's it do? The things that keep you awake and in a state of unease at night stem from a region of the brain called the Striatum. In that region are protein receptors called GPR55. Engaging those receptors, which are cannabinoid receptors, similar in function to CB1 and CB2 receptors, is the key to your rest in this scenario. But, it isn't just this specific CBN and CBD ratio that's responsible - it's one very specific cannabis terpene we add - the only one in the blend, that really puts it over the top. So, if you experience unsettled sleep, this will help. Rest well, my friend, and welcome to Calm Body!


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