Carmel Coffee 1000, 1oz

Carboxyl Group, LLC

Our Premium Carmel Coffee CBD Oil has all the wonderful taste of a coffee shop specialty java, but in a one ounce bottle and loaded 1000 mg of Carboxyl Group's CBD extract! Coffee contains two unique terpenes that work to enhance the abilities of CBD, just like hemp terpenes do. This "entourage effect" is key to a good oil, and with the added boost of coffee's caffeine, you get quite the oil with this selection!

We use the fine coffees from Blue River Roasters in Shelbyville, IN, who supply fine restaurants and discerning coffee drinkers the nation over (

*We do not recommend this product at bedtime, due to the caffeine that is naturally extracted from the coffee beans in our processing. We are currently considering a decaf blend for those night owls who love their coffee (we understand!).


Type: Premium