Moses' Anointing Oil

Carboxyl Group, LLC

We noticed the anointing oils being sold as historically accurate from The Holy Land were anything but that. They were too light in color and smelled of all the wrong things. I'll explain that momentarily. 

We set out to make the most historically accurate anointing oil on the planet, and to do so, we examined the Old Testament scriptures. 

Exodus: 22-30

22 And Yahweh spoke to Moses, saying, 23 “And take for yourself top quality balsam oils, five hundred shekels of flowing myrrh, half as much—two hundred and fifty shekels of fragrant cinnamon, and two hundred and fifty shekels of fragrant reed, 24 and five hundred shekels of cassia, according to the sanctuary shekel, and a hin of olive oil. 25 And you will make it into holy anointing oil, a spice blend of a fragrant ointment the work of a perfumer; it will be holy anointing oil. 26 And you will anoint with it the tent of assembly and the ark of the testimony, 27 and the table and all its equipment and the lampstand and its equipment and the incense altar, 28 and the altar of burnt offering and all its equipment and the basin and its stand. 29 And you will consecrate them, and they will be most holy things; anyone who[a] touches them will be holy. 30 And you will anoint Aaron and his sons, and you will consecrate them to serve as priests for me."

There it was, in black and white. We converted the measurements into metric units and got to work. When God directed Moses to use "fragrant reed," they were talking about KaNeh Bosem, or Cannabis. Both the stalks and the flower were utilized in ancient Israel for various purposes. We have plenty hemp here, as well, of course! The oil they utilized was not light in color; it was blackish green. Only with modern distillation techniques do you get light oil. We obtained all other ingredients and made the anointing oil, and oh how heavenly it is! 

The result is rich and naturally sweet smelling, heavy in cinnamon, and the cassia contributes to that, as well. The myrrh is the best, thickest myrrh we could source. The olive oil is, well, olive oil, but of top quality. The cannabis oil, which is from low THC hemp that more accurately represents the cannabis of the day, is raw and undecarboxylated, just as it would have been in biblical times. They didn't have the high THC marijuana seen today, so we feel this is as accurate as it can possibly be. 

After we made the oil, we bottled it and sent them all to be blessed by an ordained minister, who prayed over them and asked God's blessings. 

Compare our dark oil to any out there and you'll see the difference. That difference is accuracy, because that's what we feel the scriptures deserve - and you, the believer! 

*This oil is not for internal use! Two of the ingredients would cause upset stomach. It was designed back then for external anointing only, not for drinking, and that is how it is intended to be used today, 2,600 years later. 




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