Relief Cream - 500 mg!

Carboxyl Group, LLC

The Carboxyl Group's 500 mg CBD Relief Cream lotion! This is one very unique lotion and very effective!

Unlike many brands, we formulated our lotion with the key hemp terpenes in addition to our THC-free CBD extract. With these five very specific plant compounds, we have enhanced our Relief Cream's absorption abilities, as well as boosted the anti-inflammatory properties of the lotion, culminating into what our product testers all agreed was the most effective CBD lotion they've ever used. 

Using these tepenes in a well-researched, formulated and thoroughly tested lotion eliminated the need for added synthetic absorption enhancers or the "medicine smells" of menthol or camphor. All you smell are light terpenes, a hint of our frankincense and lavender essential oils. No one will even know you use it, other than from the relief that shows on your face! 

This product is available with either the flip-top cap or a pump nozzle. If you plan on traveling with our Relief Cream, we suggest the flip top to prevent a mess!


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