Sponser a cancer patient! Mushroom extract and CBD sent to them with your caring help!

Carboxyl Group, LLC

At The Carboxyl Group, our overriding mission is to help others. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy/radiation endure financial hardships from loss of work, travel, medical expenses, and so much more. With your purchase of a $10 credit toward helping them, you have a real-time effect. We do all we can here at The Carboxyl Group to get our products to them  at no cost, but there are simply too many folks in need for us to cover all the costs. We have a big mission, but alas, we are a small company and margins are tight in this Covid economy. 

Please note, your purchases and help are unfortunately not yet tax deductible, as we are still waiting on our Hemp For Hope charity's 501(c)(3) tax exempt status ruling from the IRS. Once we have that, you'll be able to make tax deductible donations. Until then, this is simply you acting out of your own charity to help us help others buy purchasing a sponsorship - and you can purchase as many as you like, as often as you like. 

Every sponsorship purchased goes to a patient in need. Every little bit helps! 

Should incoming monies one day manage to meet costs, we'll pause the sponsorship program until financial need arises again. We'd love to see a cure and no need for the program, but that's fanciful thinking. So, we do what we can, and with your help, we can do a lot!

We thank you, and our customers who are patients thank you!  


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